Analysis and Reporting

At this stage we take all the information we obtained during the pre-survey and on-site portions of the audit and evaluate it. Tentative findings are developed to identify areas where making changes could benefit the department either by improving or streamlining operations, or minimizing a potential risk to the department. Our goal is to identify ways to improve operations, eliminate problems before they become serious and try to find a way to avoid them in the future. The changes we think would help your department become our "recommendations". The recommendations are only suggestions as to actions that we think should be taken to improve operations and minimize the risk to your department. Management will make the final decision as to what actually happens.

Generally we have discussed potential improvements or problems and alternative solutions with you during the on-site period. However, sometimes things aren't evident until we finish analyzing all the information. In that case we try to contact you by phone to seek clarification and discuss possible solutions.

After the analysis, a report is drafted with the "findings and recommendations" and your department will be asked to review the information one more time. This review allows you to clarify items and determine if you wish to accept our recommendations for improvement or if you prefer to implement other corrective actions which will also minimize the detected risk. Your written response to each finding and the action plans to implement the changes are included in the final report.

After the final report is completed and published, you have time to implement those changes you agreed to before we return to do a follow-up review.