On-Site Visits

During the on-site portion of the audit, we'll watch operations, interview various staff, and obtain and review samples of pertinent documents. We may need to run various tests or extract data using your computers and so may need temporary access to your system. This is particularly true if you are using databases or record keeping systems which are not generally available.

Depending on the audit during the on-site you may see us all day every day for a period of time or you may only see us for intermittent time periods.

We try to disrupt operations as little as possible and work around you and your schedules. However, answering our questions and explaining things to us does take time. Also sometimes it is necessary to ask you to do a specific task or operation when you hadn't really planned on doing it so we can observe how it is done during the limited time we are there.

When we're done with the on-site phase, it's time to finish up and draft the report.