Opening Conference

As part of the pre-audit survey, we'll meet with you to familiarize you with the audit process and let you meet the auditors who will be working on your audit. It would be great if during this meeting we could meet those key staff members that we will be working with or, if that's not possible, you would identify who would be best for us to work with and through.

We'll also let you know what areas we are most likely to examine during the audit. This is your opportunity to let us know what areas you would like us to look at or any concerns you may have that could be addressed as part of the audit. We would like to be sure we include areas of special interest or concern to you in our audit plan.

You can speed up audit process if you have copies of the following information ready for us during this meeting:

organization charts,
departmental policies and procedures,
external audits or reviews done in the last 2 years,
internal audits or reviews to assist your management completed by your department,
a list of accounts (activities and projects) your department manages,
copies of recent management reports generated by your office, and
any other documents that would help familiarize us with your operation.


We may ask for other documents or information during the meeting. If not immediately available, these items can be sent to our office later, but may be needed to finalize the audit plan.