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Observatory Status

OBSERVATORY STATUS: The observatory will not be open this Wednesday. Check back next week!


Updated: 5:30pm 11-19-14

Call 58-SPACE (587-7223) after 8:00pm Wednesdays to verify status. Any questions outside observatory opening times should be directed to our email.

Observatory and Celestial Event Calendar

The U of U Department of Physics and Astronomy conducts FREE public Star Parties every CLEAR Wednesday night on the roof of the South Physics Building at the University of Utah. Check the calendar for scheduled opening times which change throughout the year. See above for information on whether the observatory is currently open or closed.

For more information on the The University Astronomy Club and to become a member, please email If you would like to join, please send your name, email address, major and year (for students).

Stop by the Utah Museum of Natural History every 4th Wednesday of the month before you stop by SPO. The Phun With Physics program being held from 4-6pm will show you some great physics demonstrations.

New Stuff

Check out the photo of the supernova in M82 taken from SPO on 1/24/14. Image is on the pane to the right.

Click HERE for a gif movie of the eclipse from our Willard Eccles Observatory. It is a large file >15mb!

Click here for a gif movie of the eclipse from Bryce Canyon.

Newest images from WEO as of 9-19-10 are here.

Check out the videos taken from the Willard L. Eccles Observatory with the Leonid bolide streaking across Utah here.

Current Sky and Astronomy Info


This is where you can find information about when and where the International Space Station will be visible flying overhead.

Current Weather

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Clear Sky Chart for Salt Lake City

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Sky and Telescope online keeps you updated on new astronomy findings as well as having great observational tools for the amateur like Jupiter's and Saturn's moons positions.


Have an astronomy related question? Click here to ask an astronomer!

Information about our Universe

Our Sun


Solar System Objects




Star Clusters


The Universe and Beyond

Recent SPO Images

Lunar Eclipse 10-8-14

Planetary Nebula M97, The Owl Nebula 5-1-14

Spiral Galaxy M99 5-1-14

Galaxies NGC3169, NGC3166, & NGC3165 4-23-14

The Orion Nebula 3-24-14

Lunar Eclipse 4-15-14

Pie Day Sol in H-Alpha

Supernova in M82

M16 Eagle Nebula

M57 Ring Nebula

M20 Trifid Nebula

M27 Dumbbell Nebula

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