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Homework Due Date

GRADES - As of September 30, 2014



Homework #1

Goal Setting:

Use this file to complete your goals. Just complete the goals section at the top. You do not need to do the bottom section. You need to complete three short-term goals and three long-term goals.  No intermediate goals are required for this homework.



Homework #2 - Chapter 3


Budget template

Homework chapter 4

Budget for October 2014

Homework Chapter 5

Sept 29, 2014


Homework Chapter 6

Oct 6, 2014



Complete the survey at Http://


Budget for November 2014

Oct 27, 2014

Income Statement for October 2014


Nov 3, 2014
Budget for December 2014
Nov 24, 2014
Income Statement for November 2014
Dec 8, 2014

Sample exam for chapters 1-4 with answers

Sample exam for chapters 5-7 with answers

Sample exam for chapters 8-9 with answers

Sample exam for chapters 10-12 with answers

Sample exam for chapters 13-16 with answers


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