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Web sites, books, publications that can be used as resources through your personal finance journey -- personal finance handbook -- cost of living data -- data on the economy in U.S. Family Finances from 2004-2007 buying things you cannot afford -- data on the economy planning advice and current events in the financial world. Orman on FICO score Money with Jim Cramer-investing discussions. Ramsey on How to be Financially Successful Ramsey Debunks Some Debt Myths cards, investing, banking, education, insurance advice -- financial planning advice and tax information -- financial planning advice and tax information planning advice -- financial planning advice -- financial planning advice -- financial planning advice -- information about financial planners -- information about financial planners -- financial planning tools and tax help on reaching financial goals. -- Economic Policy Institute

www.irs-gov -- history of Federal income taxes, forms, tax information -- tax information


National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Credit Card Insider's Student Resources

Taxes: -IRA calculator (thanks Brittany from Cleary Mountain High School for this link). -- tax information and advice -- information on state tax -- rates for mortgages, loans, CD -- credit union information -Tax Tips for Retirement (thanks Alice Taylor for this link)

Retirement: -- Retirement calculators, services, answers, news, strategies

Miscellaneous: -- rates and consumer information - credit card comparison, studies and statistics, and consumer education -- free credit report concerning trading in options and fugures.

Personal Financial Plan

Finances for the Holidays and Beyond-November 18, 2008-presentation

Finances for the Holidays and Beyond-November 18, 2008-spreadsheet

spreadsheets and budget percentage spreadsheet - links to a variety of web site (thanks to Sarah Washington for this link). - links to a variety of web sites concerning planning for retirement and managing debt.(Thanks to Katelyn and Ms. Ward's class in Deleware).

Finance for Non-Financial Managers March 2012 - This is the presentation for the class taught February 25, 2012.


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