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Virtual Tour - Neighborhood #4

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Neighborhood #4

Bandstand:  The original bandstand was a wooden structure built in the late 1800s.  Sometime around 1917, the original bandstand burned down and was replaced with this one.  In the ’20s and ’30s, many area residents joined the military personnel to listen to band concerts here every Thursday and Sunday evening during the summer months.  The concerts ceased when the 38th Infantry was transferred to Texas in 1940.  The University reconstructed the bandstand in 2001 according to the original design documented in historic photographs.

Buildings 606-615:  These sandstone duplexes were built during the 1874–1876 construction phase to house officers of the Fourteenth Infantry and their families, hence the name of the street, Officers Circle.  Like the other buildings built at this time, these were constructed using local sandstone from Red Butte Canyon.  Buildings 606 & 615 are slightly smaller than the others.  All were originally T-shaped with a two-story main block and a one-story wing for the kitchen.  In the 1880s, a second floor was added to the rear wing using the same red sandstone.  A one-story red brick addition was added to the rear of each building in 1928.  In the 1930s, the wooden front porch decks were replaced with concrete by WPA workers. The turned wood posts that originally supported the porches were replaced with wrought iron in the 1950s.
As part of the University’s restoration of these buildings, the wood posts have been reconstructed.  The porch decks of Buildings 606 & 615 are still supported by sandstone. The Kennecott Copper Corporation, in cooperation with the University of Utah, provided funding for the renovation of Building 611.  Now known as the Kennecott House, it serves as university housing for student scholars and other honor students.  The University, through the Fort Douglas Heritage Commons Campaign Program, has taken on the task of renovating all the Officers Circle duplexes.  For information on the University’s campaign for the renovation and restoration of Fort Douglas’ historic buildings, contact the University Development office at (801) 581-6825. 
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