“IWA is really great for spouses of international students to meet new people and make friends from different cultures. It provided me the opportunity to organize events like cooking, spa, bowling, hiking etc. It was fun to be a member of IWA.”

Amrita Tiwari

IWA has provided me with so many opportunities to meet other international women. It was the first group of friends that I had when I first came to Salt Lake City in 2014. Being given the opportunity to serve IWA as its president now has been a wonderful experience. I was able to learn leadership and communicational skills and continue to build a platform for intercultural exchange for the women at the University of Utah. “

Laiyan Bawadeen

I have had the privilege of working as the IWA Club Advisor since January of this year. We work to create a warm, friendly, comfortable environment for women (students and spouses) to spend time together and learning from one another. My passion is working with international students and IWA affords me time with a wonderful group of women from around the world outside of my normal work setting; they work hard to create fun events and I’m thankful to be a part of it!

Cassandra Clark

Anne Claire Perrot

"I had the pleasure of participating in many events organized by IWA during my exchange program year at the University of Utah. IWA is a great place to socialize and create friendships with women from all horizons and nationalities. It was also particularly helpful for me to familiarize with many facets of the American culture. They propose, throughout the year, all kinds of fun activities which enhance your creativity, boost your self-confidence and connect you with the world!"

Anne-Claire Perrot, France 

Mariam Betlemidze

"I love participating in IWA events. There always is a nice welcoming environment and a big chance to meet incredible women from the other parts of the world. The last event I participated in was '2012 Women's Networking Event' where we also made pendants for Valentine's day. It was so well-organized that my 7-year-old and I both had a great time: we made pretty pendants and new acquaintances with international women from around the world. I wish IWA all the best in its future endeavors!"

Mariam Betlemidze, Georgia

Maryam Azima

"Hi , I am Maryam from Iran. When I was in Salt Lake City, I did attend in some IWA events like pie making and jewelry making. It was very interesting for me, especially jewelry making because it was the first time I was attending in such of these classes. I made a necklace and also earrings. I also found 2 good friends like Iram and Denise. I also visited many people from different countries, and different cultures. It was so useful for my english and my knowledge about different countries. I think these kinds of classes help people from different countries know each other and their cultures and also have fun with each other. "

Maryam Azima, Iran

JeeYeong Gong

"The reason I joined IWA was that I wanted to know how world is going on with women. Lots of men make their sports group like soccer, baseball and etc. Naturally, foreigners and Americans can be the one. I wanted to talk to women just for chattering like normal women. Finally, I found it! That was IWA. As a foreigner, I could learn English here. I was accustomed to doing American things because IWA helped me. I communicated with several beautiful people from all over the world. I could make friends there. If I had not joined IWA, I could not have connected with anyone. Because I was an exchange student, I needed friends and a place to play games and to talk with someone. As you know, the favorite thing for woman is to understand and talk with each other. If I was not in IWA, I did not have any best memory of University of Utah. I love IWA forever "

JeeYeong Gong, South Korea

Yun Baumann

"I have attended a few workshops with the IWA, including the jewelry-making event, which is one of my favorites! We learned to make chic necklaces and earrings with famous jewelry designer; received advices on how to pick a color that compliments the skin tone; shared tips about where to look for bargain deals online and save money... IWA is a dynamic organization at the U that serves as a great platform for women from all over the world to socialize and network. Let's share our unique cultures and experiences; let's learn from each other and grow with each other; let's help and support each other! See you at the IWA!"
Yun Baumann, China