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Student Portal Concept
The portal example is based on student input (see below) and previewing examples of other University portals.  It is a beginning draft for the University's student portal and is intended to be a "kick-start" for developing the full requirements for the student portal.  In the future, mock-ups for faculty/staff, alumni, and prospective students will be created.

This conceptual mock-up is in html only. Active links are created whenever possible, but limited functionality exists.

If you have any suggestions/comments regarding the University Portal, email

Student Input
During the summer of 2002, we conducted focus groups involving 100+ students to hear their views on the portal. We also conducted an online survey in September and gathered more information from another 200+ students. A summary report of both studies including a priorities list is also available. In May of 2002, campus webmasters ranked their top priorities for features on the student portal.
Ongoing feedback is welcome, send email to:

Informative Portal Websites

UWebmaster Portal Presentation 5/1/02
David Eisler, Provost, Weber State University Portal Information Page
University of Arizona Background Reading
ACS Portal Definitions
University of New Hampshire Portal Information Page

Other University Portal Examples
Note: In most examples, you will need to select guest/preview option.

My UC Davis
developed by UC Davis

Fresno State University
uses PeopleSoft Technologies

developed by Stanford

George Washington University
developed by George Washington University

University of South Florida
uses Blackboard Portal Technology

University of Delaware
developed by University of Delaware

developed by UCLA

Bemidji State
prospective student's portal

Bowling Green State University
uses Blackboard Portal Technology

portal aimed at high school students who are planning/considering attending higher ed institutions in Utah.  Uses software developed by ZAP Corporation

Denison University
developed by Denison University

Gallaudet University
uses Blackboard Portal Technology