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 Comments Submitted for our 20-Year Reunion 
Allen Adams
Structural Engineer. Manager of Engineering for Ram Analysis, Carlsbad, CA.
Curt Adams
I have been married for 19 years. I have two daughters. Jami is the oldest, she is almost 16. Kim is my baby, she is 13. 1 have lived in Salem for 17 years. I am the service manager at J&M Transmission, have worked there for 14 years. I am a volunteer fireman and EMT for Salem City. I love to golf and in my spare time I love to golf.
Mark Allen
Mark works for Geneva Rock and also has a cabinet and woodworking shop. He spends his summers waterskiing with his wife and 3 kids, ages 15, 13, and 9. We live in North Orem.
Sherry (Bacon) Christensen
I live in the Willowcreek area of Sandy and am married to Bill Christensen from Denver. I'm kept very busy with four children who have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. I teach voice lessons and occasionally do radio ads. We've had some wonderful opportunities to travel abroad.
Valerie (Bailey) Goates
See Michael Goates below.
Jill (Baird) Allen
Wow! Twenty years has sure gone fast! A couple of years ago I took my oldest son to high school orientation. I said, "Boy, Todd, this is weird, it seems like I just graduated from high school a few years ago. How can I be bringing my child here?" His disagreement with my graduation date brought me quickly back to reality. I married Arthur Allen in 1978. We had two children, Todd and Natalie, while Art was going to school. After his graduation from BYU, we moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. We enjoyed the Midwest, loved the May excitement of the Indy 500, and spent many, many hours in the "World's Largest Children's Museum". Three native Hoosiers were born to us there: Ashley, Lisa and Jennifer. New job opportunities brought us back to Orem in 1994. We probably appreciate being with our extended families more now since being gone. It's also fun to see some slightly familiar faces around town, (YOU!) I keep up my musical skills by teaching piano lessons and occasionally accompanying Art when he sings. Art and I took a fabulous trip to Belgium and England last year. My biggest claim to fame is that I still love my husband! My personal goal for the future is to receive my Bachelor's degree.
Camille (Bammes) Price
After graduating from Orem High, I attended BYU and the Univ. of New Mexico where I graduated with a BA in Speech Education and achieved national honors in Debate and Forensics. I received my Masters from the Univ. of Wyoming in Communication and later worked as faculty and the Director of Forensics for the Univ. of Southern Colorado. Today I am proudest to spend time with my husband and two daughters, and also work as a Sr. Design Consultant for a multimedia development company.
David Barker
I served a mission in Sweden from 1975-1978. Married Karen Weed from Burley, Idaho in 1981. Finished a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from BYU in 1983. We worked for General Dynamics in Fort Worth Texas until 1985 when we moved to Salt Lake City. We worked for Hercules Aerospace until 1989, worked for IBM until 1993, finished a Ph.D,. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah in 1993. Currently work for OEC Medical Systems. We have 5 children. I've lost a bunch of hair, wear hats outside, and work with the scouts. My wife is beautiful and leads the singing in Primary. We like to hike, camp, and exercise with our children.
Julie (Baugh) Whipple
My family and I have lived in Ephaim for 8 years. Brian and I have four girls and a boy. Brian is a Social Worker for Central Utah Mental Health. I have been busy with my family, community, and church work. I have become climatized to rural Utah and consider myself a small town girl now.
Kelly Vee (Baum) Jolley
I live in Orem - in Pam Koffords former home. I am married to Kendall Jolley. We have 7 children. The oldest is 16 and the youngest is 1. 1 enjoy staying home and taking care of them. They are my best friends, along with my husband.
Susan (Beach) Caswell
I am residing in Bonn, Germany with my two children and husband Terry. He is assigned to the American Embassy. I am the Assistant Manager of a gift shop in the American Community. We've been in Germany just over a year, and spent the last six years in England prior to the move to Bonn.
Roger Berrett
After serving a mission to Chile, I overcame my legendary shyness and married an actual girl (Diane Judkins). I graduated from BYU in Mechanical Engineering. In '83 we moved to the New York area (Nuclear Plant, I still have a "glow" about me.) Then on to Philadelphia (Boeing). In the process we've gained 4 super children. We moved back to Utah in '90 and really enjoy being back.
Daniel Bertch
Married, 5 children. Graduated B.Y.U. Law School 1984 cum laude, Order of the Coif. Draper City Justice ct. Judge. Partner, law firm of Bertch and Birch, L.C.
Mindy (Billings) Maddox
I am a homemaker with 5 children. One is married and expecting, one - an 8th gr. and one a 9th gr.. I still hit the slopes as often as possible and hope to teach again one day. My husband is an attorney and we both run a small video game rental business we hope will be nation-wide in a few years. We lost a little girl to SIDS in '89 but are very blessed in all.
Nan Bird
After over 15 years working in manufacturing, doing everything from making baby dresses and microchips to building and repairing railroad tracks and making rocket fuel, I made a big change. I no longer punch a time clock! I'm now a long-haul truck driver. I'm 18 wheeling across 48 states and Canada, having a wonderful time. In the past 2 years I've had more attention from men than I got in the previous 35 years! What Fun! A person shouldn't get paid for having so much fun, but it is work too! I'm delivering your life to you every day. Truck drivers deliver America to you!
Alison (Bradford) Kirk
Chad and I just celebrated our 20th Anniversary. We have two children, Monica age 19 and Cory age 17. We have lived in Utah County for the last 20 years. I work at JC Penney University Mall as a merchandise Manager over the women's departments. Come see me.
Kathy (Budge) Cardon
See Scott Cardon below.
Mary (Burr) Major
After graduating from Orem High in 1975, 1 graduated from BYU in 1979 and taught Jr. High English and German for 5 years in Provo. I also traveled thru Europe with a friend for the summer of 1980. Drew Majors and I married in June 1981 and have lived in Orem since. Our "Major" accomplishment for the past 5 years has been designing and building our "dream house". Mary tries to keep up with 4 active boys - ages 5, 7, 9, 11. Drew works as a computer programmer for Novell. Because of his work, Drew and Mary have traveled extensively in the US and abroad including Holland, Germany, Poland, England, Japan, and will be in France in May '95. We also stay active with the LDS church, Vineyard Elementary School, and Orem Youth Soccer. And if there is any spare time or energy left we like to visit our houseboat at Lake Powell or cabin at Sundance. Because our families are both in the area (Orem and Pleasant Grove) we have lots of family get-togethers.
Fred Butterfield
Since graduating in '75, 1 went on a mission to the Texas Dallas Mission June 176 to June '78. Graduate of BYU in Social Work 1983. Have worked in Kansas City, Missouri, Ute Tribe in Ft. Duchesne and presently for the State of Utah in Roosevelt, Utah. I do Adoptions, Foster Care, and Home Studies. I also teach piano. Married Analisa Allan July 7, 1979. 3 children Analina age 10, Edwin age 5, Joseph age 2. Love living in Roosevelt, Utah.
LaRita (Capell) Remark
Married for 19 years. Two children, son Greg 17, daughter Shawna 12. 1 teach school at Syringa Elementary in Pocatello Idaho. I teach a morning session of Kindergarten and Resource room in the afternoon. I graduated from Idaho State University.
Scott Cardon
Scott Cardon and Kathy Budge are now out of the Air Force and live in Mountain Green near Morgan, Ut. Kathy is no longer employed outside the home. Scott works for Intermountain Health Care at Ogden Family Medicine. They have four children age 15, 13, 11, & 7. Before leaving the Air Force, they spent 3 years stationed near Cambridge, England. See Kathy (Budge) Cardon above.
Kelly (Carlisle) Thacker
See Dave Thacker below.
Wendy (Carlson) Mortensen
Married to Kent Mortensen. Have 5 children - all boys but one. My oldest graduates this year, will attend BYU next year. My youngest is 2. We waited 10 years to get a girl. I am loving being home as a wife and mother. My husband is a building contractor. He keeps busy enough to care for our needs so I don't have to work outside the home. Church and family keep me plenty busy. Life is good - no complaints!
Julie (Childs) Best
I got married in 1977 and moved to Pl. Grove and have lived here ever since. John and I have 4 children - Matthew 16, Chelsea 14, Jessica 10, and Torrey 4. All of activities keep us very busy along with our 4 horses, dogs, rabbits, yard and church jobs and work. I work part-time at LDS Social Services in Am. Fork. Hobbies include horses, tennis, volleyball (still!), reading, and yard work. Can't believe it's been 20 years!
Charles Christensen
I love living in Boise, Idaho. I manage to pay the bills by working for a little Civil Engineering company that I own with three other guys. The joy of my life is my three daughters, Lindsay who's eleven, Marcie who's seven, and Andrea who's five. I ski as often as I can, which isn't as often as I would like!
Kevin Clark
I moved to Oregon after graduation. In 1978, 1 graduated from Chemeketa Community College in Salem with a degree in Fire Science. I began working for Marion County Fire District and am still with that department. I've been a Paramedic since 1980 and was promoted to Captain in 1990. 1 met Cathy in Corvallis, where she worked as a research assistant at Oregon State University. We were married in 1982. We have four children: Emilene (8), Alex (6), Allison (4), and Alana (2). We bought an older home in Keizer in 1989 and have been doing our own "Home Improvement" ever since. I am a volunteer fire captain for Keizer. We have our own business which offers safety and emergency service training.
Mary Lynn (Clark) Olsen
I am married to Eric Olson, who is an attorney with VanCott, Bagley, Cornwall and McCarthy in Salt Lake. We have six children. The oldest is 17 and the youngest is 6. I am the Relief Society President in our ward. I coach baseball and help run the computer lab at my children's elementary school.
Cynthia (Craig) Huff
Hi! I've been married the past 18 years to a wonderful man, Chuck Huff. We are the proud parents of B.J.(14), and Heather(10 1/2). I'm a full time mom and I love it. I still enjoy singing and playing the piano. I've even had roles in several local musicals. I've been serving as Stake Y.W.'s President since 1989 and that keeps me busy and out of trouble. Now that my children are older I'm looking forward to going back to college and having homework of my own! Life is good and I'm grateful for it! See you soon!
Carla (Danner) Farley
I married Dean Farley of Orem, and have 3 boys: David-16 yrs., Brandon-13 yrs., and Cory-10 yrs.. I have been living in Tacoma, WA. for the past 14 yrs. where my husband is in the Air Force, on McChord A.F. Base. We come home about every other summer to visit our families.
Matthew Davies

The morning after high school graduation was very difficult for one reason--I had no idea how, in the course of my life, I would ever top the antics and frivolity of graduation night: Going through commencement at the George Albert Smith Fieldhouse, the dance in the gym at the Alma mater, with pictures no less, and then, to cap it off, an all night movie starring John Wayne at the Scera Theater. Oh what ecstasy, what joy. How would I ever match the events of that night.

I eventually recovered from the graduation proceedings and went on to ponder how I was going to achieve my goal of protracting my adolescence and pursuing a career at the same time. I decided the first step would be to go to college, but then the question became where? BYU was immediately ruled out because everyone there seemed too serious and "adult like" and, to the best of my recollection, they didn't admit members of the Church of What's Happening Now; immediately two strikes against me. Utah Technical College (now Utah Valley State College)was second on the list, but they prepared you to do a real job and that went against my goal of remaining an adolescent as long as possible. The choices were dwindling fast--I had to find an answer.

After several days of consternation and avoidance I was taking a nap and just before I dozed off, the numbers 34-31 appeared before my eyes in a revelation. They were outlined in red and white and accompanied by an angelic choir singing "I'm a Utah Man". I had my answer; I could leave home, attend a (respected) institution of higher learning and still come home on the weekends to have mom do the laundry and replenish the food supply. My sleep was fruitful--I would be a UTE. Not only would I get an education I would learn and see new things that had escaped me during my formative years in Happy Valley; women with hair everywhere, hiking boots used in all kinds of weather, long hair without being called to Mr. Pine's office for exhortation about the evils of hair hanging over your collar. A place where you could get credit for making small ceramic objects and blowing them up in a big oven. A place to prolong my cherished adolescence. My anticipation was bliss.

Needless to say, my dreams became a reality when I got that letter of acceptance. My first four years went by like a flash, but I soon leaned that they expected me to do something with all those credits I had earned. How was I supposed to know that they weren't just to show your parent's the fruits of their hard earned money? Well, the deadline approached and I had to declare something other than my need for more elective credits. Once again I was faced with a dilemma: How to continue in this wonderful bath of adolescence and still have enough money to move south of North Temple. I again looked to my inner voice for direction and guidance, but all I could hear was Sawaya's blow dryer in the bathroom. I knew I would have to dig deeper for resolution, but first I had to stave off hunger pangs with a trip to Bill and Nada's which itself is an institution of higher learning--mostly on how to get a clean fork without washing it yourself.

As I was taking in the nourishment of my "Brains n' Eggs" breakfast I noticed a small child peering over the booth in front of me. He too was having "Brains n' Eggs", but his wasn't as artfully spread over the front of his shirt as mine. At that moment, another inspiration presented itself: What better was to remain a child than to work with them. I could become a child psychologist. I could go to Toys RI Us with a credit card and blame the spree on "Office Supplies". I could hang out with kids all day and make money. That was it, I was destined to become a child psychologist. How tough could it be? A couple more degrees, an internship, a fellowship--piece of cake. Plus, I'd get to prolong my adolescence by staying in school another 6 to 9 years. I could live off student loans, protest Reaganomics with all the other bleeding heart graduate students and pursue my high school dream. Things were looking up. My course was set, nirvana at last (this of course was BC--Before Cobain).

The following years came and went. I entered graduate school and was told that all you had to do to get through was go to different classes, get more credits and write these two really long term papers they called a "thesis" and a "dissertation". (Finally, I had found a use for all of the creative writing skills I leaned from Mrs. Henderson and Ms. Morris.) After that, they let you go out into the real world and play with kids. So, I went to school, worked in between intramural sporting activities and finally graduated almost 10 years to the day from leaving my beloved Alma mater. I was finally ready to live on more than $3.15 an hour and pursue the American Dream.

Since that fateful day in 1985, my pursuit of a protracted adolescence has continued. It's a great job. I sit in my office, play with kids, tell their parents how mean they are and get paid for it. I even get to talk to my old buddy Derek Muse occasionally (he's a real doctor and has an office just down the street) and I frequently see my old pal and college roomie Alan "How does my hair look?" CEO on the links. I did get married along the way but I was lucky enough to find a woman who tolerates my adolescent endeavors and did not accept the money my family offered her to marry me. Another cool thing was that in 1992, we decided I needed a playmate so we had a kid. So, life's pretty great in this "Pretty Great State" and I've really enjoyed my 20 years vacation from high school. I think I'll prolong it another 20 years.


Jill (DeGoede) Duckett
I've been living in Phoenix, AZ for the past twelve years, happily married and full time mother to three daughters: Nikki 17, Katie 12 and Allison 9.
Ron Despain
I completed 10 years in the Marine Corps. Present rank: Major, presently in the reserves. We own our own business: "Kathy's Kopies" and we do copying and have an LDS Bookstore "Families Are Forever". We live in Richmond Virginia, 5 children, completed an LDS mission in Mexico. Have lived in Japan, Korea, Philippines, Colombia South America, Utah, Virginia, Florida, California, Texas, and North Carolina.
Jay Deuel
Besides maintaining information on the World-Wide Internet, I am currently a Technical Writer for the U of U Computer Center. This entails writing documentation and teaching seminars on subjects ranging from WordPerfect to Internet Services. I also run a computer training business on the side.
Karen (Dimond) Stevens
I married Wade Stevens, a '72 graduate of Orem High. We have lived in Provo, Idaho, Orem, Washington, and now in Pleasant Grove. We have 5 fabulous kids. Evan is 18, Shellee 15, Paul 13, Kari 11, and Scott 8. 1 am a full time homemaker. I LOVE being a wife and mom, that's what I do best and love most.
Paul Ethington
I currently own an Insurance Agency in Salt Lake. I specialize in group health insurance but I also write dental, life, disability, and liability. I also still ref. high school soccer. My wife, Carolyn, is from Corning, New York. We met at BYU and were married Aug., '83. We have 4 kids: Eric, Kristi, Maddie, Steven, and a dog, known in our neighborhood as Jack Ethington.
Marilyn (Farnsworth) Jenson
I graduated from BYU in 1979 with a BA in English. We moved to Lubbock, TX the following year after my husband Mark completed his Masters in Chem. Engineering. He is a manager at Texas Instruments. I am a full-time homemaker and mom to Layne, 16; Ian, 14; Delys, 12; Elin, 9; Laurel, 7; and Seth, 4. 1 am currently serving in the Relief Society at Church, volunteer at my children's schools and enjoy singing with a double trio when time allows.
R. Mark Fisher
Owner of KMB inc. solid surface countertops. I am married and have been for 10 years. I have 4 children.
Grant Flygare
Putting first things first, my high school years were followed by an LDS Mission to Canada. My labors there were almost exclusively on the Indian Reservations in Saskatchewan and Ontario. Returning from Canada, I found come-and-go jobs in construction, sales for Pepsi Cola and the auto industry which helped me see the light of higher education and the stability of family life. Marriage was a natural choice when I met Melody Penrod (a total'Ifox") from the White Mountains of Arizona while attending BYU. Having four "perfect" children was even more natural. Taking a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Legal Philosophy from BYU, I found myself, by fate, teaching at our local UVSC for the past 9 years. The Flygare Family presently resides on our little farm in Highland, Utah, and we are living happily ever after.
Clark Fowlke
Clark Fowlke, lives in Spanish Fork. I work at Prax Air in Orem by Geneva. I have 5 boys and 1 girl. Shane 15, Ryan 13, Adam 10, Tyler 7, Cody 4, Brook 10 months.
Nora (Gillian) Bowcut
My husband and I are "urban farmers", we have 8 acres on which we raise cows (for beef), horses, chickens, ducks, and dogs. My husband is a physician in American Fork and I will be graduating from BYU this spring with a Masters in Social Work. We have 3 children. The oldest daughter will be 18 in January and we have twins (boy and girl) that just turned 14.
Michael Goates
Michael and Valerie have been married for 15 years. Michael is a physician in private practice in Psychiatry. Valerie is a licensed Cosmetologist (retired) and now stays at home. We have three children, Andrea 14, Chelsea 11, and Todd who is 6. We live in Woodland Hills, Utah.
David Lynn Gordon
Served LDS mission to Venezuela. Attended BYU 6 yrs. (2 yrs. grad school), majoring in Chemical Engineering. Work for DYNO NOBEL Inc., (formerly called IRECO), a commercial explosives company. Currently project engineer in R&D,& safety & environmental coordinator. Married Jeri Lynn Anderson of Ely, NV. Have 6 children (4 girls, 2 boys) oldest is 10. Currently serve as Region Sports Director and Ward Finance Clerk in the LDS Church.
Laurie Gourdin
I have recently moved back to Utah after living in Phoenix, AZ for 12 years. I work as a Meeting and Travel Coordinator for Associated Western Universities in Salt Lake City. I have a wonderful 2 year old daughter named Diantha June.
Susan (Graff) Biggs
Susan lived in the Bay Area of California and then returned to Utah in 1981. I've been happy raising 6 children. Our oldest is 17 and our youngest is 1 in September. I married Gary Biggs. He is an electrical engineer. I've been busy in school volunteer work and church work as Primary President and Y.W. President. I love to travel and have been to Europe, all over the U.S., and just returned from Hawaii. I enjoy crafts and reading.
Val Hale
Nancy (Allred) and I have lived in Orem for the past 8 years. I work in the BYU Athletic Department overseeing media relations and marketing. Nancy teaches part-time music at Cascade Elementary. We have 3 children: Chris,14; Brandon, 11; and Rachel, 10. We miss all our Orem High friends and anxiously await seeing them again at the reunion.
Shellee (Hansen) Pay
My husband, Dennis, and I live in Gilbert, Arizona. We have 7 children ranging from age 18 down to 10 mos.. My husband is a chiropractor and I am a homemaker and I do homeschool.
Diane (Hanson) McMullin
I married John McMullin and we have two boys - Mason and Mitchel. We are living in Woodland Hills.
Ann (Kayward) Sparks
I have returned to finish my bachelor's at BYU and am commuting to BYU from Bountiful. My major is Directing and Producing in Film. I also write for the stage and screen, as well as perform vocally in plays. I will be a graduate in April 1996 Yea! I hope to do my intern in Salt Lake at a production co.
Byron Healey
See Shauna (Salmon) Healey below.
Conna (Heppler) Boehner
After marrying Ben Boehner, in 1976, the majority of my time has been spent raising 3 children: Anjanette 17, Bryant 14, and Jannell 10. Working part time as a secretary for a prosperous plumbing company "Boehner Plumbing Co." consists of the remainder of my time. Yet why is it that the kids say I'm never at home, and the boss (Ben), says I'm never at work??? You'd think that somewhere as I'm running around this Orem town, I'd have seen more of you classmates during the past 20 years.
Clark Heringer
I have been married for 20 years to Julene. We have three children, Karie 19, she attends UVSC and is awaiting a missionary, Kathy 17, attends Orem High and is on the Drill Team, and CJ 15, who will be a sophomore at Orem High this year. I own and operate Heringer Marine and our family loves to go to Lake Powell.
Hugh Hilton
Served mission in Houston, TX. Married in Dec. of 1979 to Nalene Robinson from Star Valley Wyo. Without question she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We've been blessed with 6 children, all girls, except for our 6 boys, ages 21 months to 13 years. I've worked in newspaper advertising since graduation from BYU in 1981 with a degree in advertising. We lived in Las Vegas for over 9 years and have been in Orem for the past 5 years. Currently work as the Advertising Director for the Utah County Journal.
Kristy (Honeycutt) Beckstrom
I have five children, one daughter and four boys. Kristina is 18, Kurt is 17, Jeff is 15, Jason is 13, and Bradley is 9. 1 love to be involved in their activities in school such as musicals, choir trips, and attending the sports events my boys are in. I live in Bountiful and work at Nordstroms in Crossroads Mall. My husband works for TIE Communications in SLC. I love playing football with my boys and playing many other sports. I enjoy exercise, especially aerobics.
Sharon (Horne) Hales
I have been married for 19 years and have lived in Spanish Fork all of those years!! My husband, Lynn Hales, is a dairy farmer. We have 5 children - Brooke 18, Josh 16, Jesse 12, Jordan 8, and Brittney 6. I enjoy substitute teaching, and currently a counselor in the primary!!
Eric Hundley
Painting contractor Hundley Painting Inc. - Parade of Homes Award Winner - Coaches soccer. Member of "Windrider" LDS recording group. See Kerri (Quilter) Hundley below.
Kerri (Hyde) Summerhays
I'm a full time mom to nine children. Need I say more! I recently closed a homemade bread business that I ran out of my home, called Kerrie's Kitchen. We have been here in Mesa six years now and before that spent about 7 in El Segundo, CA.
Terry Jacobson
I'm employed at Geneva Steel and have been there for 18 years, occupation is Crane Operator. I'm divorced, no children, enjoying life to it's fullest.
JoAnn (Jensen) Sutherland
I'm married to Kerry Sutherland, we have 4 children ages 15, 13, 11, 6. We live in an old country home in Santaquin, UT. I substitute teach kindergarten, I like to sew, do crafts, weightlift and ride bikes, fish and camp.
Julie (Jensen) West
I married Merril West from Spanish Fork. We live in Palmyra, West Ct. Spanish Fork. My husband is a Cattle Rancher. We have lots of cows. I am a Registered Nurse. I work for Dr. Wolsey in Provo. We have 4 children - Adam age 11, Sarah-9, Trevor-5 1/2, Skyler-3 yrs. old.
Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen and Karen Walker married one another after Michael's return from his mission in 1978. Michael flies Apache Helicopters for the Utah National Guard and loves his work. In October he will be made Battalion Commander which he looks forward to. Karen keeps busy being a mother and homemaker but loves being at home with her family. Michael and Karen have 6 children: Kari 16, David 15, Kristin 12, Katti 9, Mandi and Melani (twins) 7. Michael and Karen live in Farmington and love raising their children close to family in this area. See Karen (Walker) Jensen below.
Pam (Jeppson) Starley
I have been happily married to Robert Starley, from Edgemont for 19 years. We have three beautiful children. Cory 17, Kaylynn 14, and Mindy 7. We have settled in Spanish Fork for the past 16 years. I have worked at Banta ISG in the Pre-Press Dept. for the past 6 years. My interests are centered around my family, such as: sports, camping and family outings.
Janice Johnson
I'm living in Murray, UT in a cute condo I bought about 4 yrs. ago. I'm currently the Vice-Principal at Jackson Elementary in Salt Lake. I'm just finishing a Masters in Educational Administration at the "U". I'll graduate in June. Yeh! No more homework! When I'm not studying or working, I'm spending my spare time serving in the Relief Society Presidency of my ward and hanging out with my cat Wuzzy!
Jill (Jorgenson) Parker
I live in Highland, Utah with my husband Kimball and 4 daughters. My oldest daughter is a Junior at American Fork High School. I also have one in junior High and two in elementary school. I worked for a mortgage company as a loan processor for three years and am now working for my husband who owns a carpet company. Our family loves to spend time in the outdoors. We own a houseboat at Lake Powell and enjoy spending time there with friends and family. I work as a volunteer at Utah Valley Hospital in the Nursery and Intensive Care Nursery and love caring for the babies.
Dwana (Judkins) Durrant
I live in Fruit Heights, UT. I have 4 daughters and 2 sons ages 18 to 2. My husband Steve is in the food industry. We are in the process of bringing a new restaurant concept into Utah. We hope to build 7 stores in the next 5 years in UT. We also dabble in the export business to Russia, Hong Kong, and Australia. We love traveling.
David Livingston
Single parent with 2 boys. Safety and Loss Control Consultant for major insurance company (traveling the Western United States). Living in California. Happy and relaxed.
Jayna (Lyon) Cherry
After high school graduation, I attended BYU, graduating with a BS in Clothing Construction. I served a mission to Little Rock, Arkansas. My husband is a convert and returned missionary. He is a Programmer/Analyst for the Church Missionary Dept. We have five children whom we Homeschool.
Denise (Madsen) Williams
I feel like I have spent the past 20 years "growing up" and experiencing real life stuff. It seems the older I get the more I realize I don't know. Life is good. We spent 11 years away in California and New York and are back here in SLC. Clayt teaches Physics at the "U", so we are BYUTAH family. We have 5 great kids. I sing with the Tab. Choir and teach voice and mostly be mom & wife.
Jeff McAllister
I live in Boise, ID. Work for Hewlett Packard as a Mechanical Engineer developing hard disk drives. Caroline and I have 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls, ages 6 mo. to 13 years. My favorite pasttime activity outside of work and family is volleyball.
LeAnn (McQuivey) Webb
I have been married almost 14 years to Rob Webb. We have 4 children, Amanda 13 yrs., Ryan 11 yrs., Jessica 7 yrs., and Michelle 3 yrs. I keep busy with all their activities. I also cut my own wood and tole paint. I have a booth at the Quilted Bear in LasVegas and also do other craft shows. I take classes at the community college and want to pursue nursing in the next year or so. I still enjoy music and play the organ in Relief Society. I'm on the homemaking committee in our ward.
Joseph McRae
I am an Orem City fire captain. I also have my own business called 'Reel Safety Motion Picture Medics'. I'm married and have four children.
Ron Moore
Happily married with four children. My wife is Annette, daughters - Cassie (16! scary), Stefanie (11), sons - Matt and Danny (8 -twins- just baptized) We have lived in A.F. for 12 years, love it! Always busy with church stuff, kids lessons(piano, soccer, baseball, etc.) I am a partner in a Mfg./Distribution Co. in Orem, manufacture shrink pkg. equipment 8 yrs.
Derek Muse
Married, family practice physician with five kids.
Judy (Naylor) Shaw
I am very happily married to K.C. Shaw (Orem Class of '74), and have four children: Jenny 15, Kevin 12, Rachel 10, and Tanner 7. 1 graduated from BYU in Elem. Ed. and taught school for 1 year, before having my family. I love staying home and being a mom. My daughter and I both teach piano lessons in our home. I still love to ski and go as often as I can. I am an avid walker, and love to read. We are busy with K.C. being a bishop in a BYU ward, and love serving with these students! Life has been very good to us!
Jane (Neubert) Mack
I have been very busy being a full-time mother of 7 children, the last two are twin girls. I have done homeschool for the past 11 years because I love teaching and expanding my own mind as well. The bigger kids are all in public school. I enjoy doing church service and genealogy. Spencer, my husband, is in Insurance and estate planning. We love to travel as a family too. I've lived in Orem ever since I graduated.
Kathy (Okerlund) Nelson
After graduating from BYU, went to Switzerland and taught financially over-privileged adolescents at an American High School in Leysin. In 1985 went to Washington D.C. to work for the Democratic National Committee and then became curriculum manager for a citizenship education foundation(non-partisan), conducted workshops in Guam, Moscow, Saipan, American Samoa, numerous American Indian reservations and schools throughout the U.S.. In October 1994 married Robert Nelson (temporarily from L.A.). Joined him in L.A. and currently am Project Manager at UCLA's Graduate School of Education. No kids, cats, dogs, or mortgage - just books and too much of the O.J. trial.
Carla (Osborne) Smoot
I am married to Michael Smoot and we have 3 children: Jason, 16; Jennifer, 14; and Travis, 11 years old. We built a home and moved to Draper, Utah last summer. I graduated from BYU in Aug. of 1978. 1 taught 4th grade at Riverton Elementary. Mike is a program manager for Evans & Sutherland in SLC. I am a stay-at-home mom and keep busy in church, PTA, and scouting service.
Steve Park
Graduated from BYU with a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree. Taught and coached at Mtn. View High School. I am currently an assistant principal at Hillcrest High School, married to Pamela Shewell (East High). Between the two of us we have seven children, ranging from 21 yrs. old to 6 yrs. old.
Richard Parsons
Married to Kim Whitehead, 6 kids. We have lived in Washington D.C., Houston, and Chicago, but now reside in Waco, Texas. I work for M&M/Mars.
Marylou (Pearson) Rimmasch
I live in Bountiful with my 5 kids and husband. We've been married almost 18 years now and keep very busy as most of us do with family, church, hobbies, and work. My time is spent cooking and cleaning and doing 3+ loads of laundry. In my spare time I garden, exercise, write, do my church jobs, and run my kids to music lessons, etc.. My husband's company owns a resort outside of Yellowstone and we spend a lot of time traveling. That's about as interesting as it gets.
Rosemary (Peck) Finch
I married Larry Finch of Orem. We have 3 children.(Dylan 12, Traci 9, and Kenyon 3) We own FINCON, Inc., which is a general contracting firm. We live at the mouth of Provo Canyon.
Sandy (Peterson) Kezerian
I'm enjoying life as a wife and mother of 5 girls. They range from 14 to 3. 1 graduated from BYU in Home Economics Education and have taught preschool for eight years. I've found tennis to be my most enjoyable pastime of the last year and have had some wonderful trips back East with my husband Mike. We lived in Centerville for 4 years but have spent the rest of our married lives as true blue Oremites.
Monte Porter
I am employed at Geneva as an Instrument Repairman. I live in Lindon, Utah with my two children. My daughter, Minnon, is sixteen and my son, Jeramie, is seventeen.
Roger Pyne
Roger Pyne is currently working for Orem City and has been there for 14 yrs. I have 3 children: Jared 17, Shana 14, and Troy 12. Hobbies include camping, golfing, sports, fishing, etc.
Kerri (Quilter) Hundley
Teaches preschool - is "at home mom" and loves it. We have 7 children and 1 foster child. See Eric Hundley above.
Robin (Reeves) Toland
My hubbie (Dan) and I have 2 boys, 3 yrs. old and 10 yrs. old. We enjoy golf, the mountains, anything to get away. I work for the Post Office and Dan has gone back to school for his MBA.
Mark Roberts
Married with 4 children-3 boys and 1 girl. Have lived in Green River, Wyoming since 1980. Employment: Part owner of a mining supply and manufacturing company in Rock Springs. Active in church and civic responsibilities. (Boy Scouts too!) Recently constructed my own home!
Pat (Robison) Fought
I suppose I should give a little update on what I have been doing in my life the past twenty (choke) years. I would hate for all my classmates to think that, if information about me is not found in the booklet, it is because I have turned into some serial killer, living in a prison somewhere on death row, missing the reunion and wishing I could take back the rage inside that began when Jeff McAllister or Gary (what's his name, you know, the quarterback) wouldn't ask me out on a date. Therefore, I submit the following and hope it is somewhat adequate.

Life is ... GOOD! Following high school, I danced a lot, worked a lot, playing some racquetball, and basically had fun. In 1978, I served an LDS mission to Arequipa, Peru. A wonderful experience that taught me, among other things, that I can wash my own clothes by hand, live without water for days, and survive with no central heating in freezing temperatures. Something that following high school I always had a desire to learn.

Life is ... ROMANTIC! About a year after returning from Peru, I met my Mr. Wonderful (although not an Orem High almuni). His name is Rick Fought and we met while I was working at BYU and while he was the assistant coach for the BYU tennis team. He had played tennis for BYU for four years prior and was, at the time we met, the tennis pro for what was then Sherwood Hills Racquet Club. It was "love" at first sight for me. It was a couple of years, however, before I was able to convince Rick I was "the one". We were finally married on Friday the 13th of July, 1984.

Life is ... DIFFERENT! In the beginning of our marriage, I found myself saying things like, "What do you mean you don't want to hear all about my life at Orem High School or see what I looked like in my Tigerette uniform?" or "What do you mean you don't want to meet any of the guys I dated or have them over for dinner?" But as time passes and two people grow more and more in love, those comments change to things like "Do you have to do that at the dinner table?" or "If you don't like what I fixed, you know where the fridge is." All of those wonderful things that draw us closer as a couple. I do love Rick dearly!

Life is ... CHALLENGING! About one and a half years after we married, our son, Patrick Phillip (get it, Pat + Rick) was born. Motherhood is certainly full of rewards--getting up in the middle of the night, diapers, spit up on every piece of clothing you own, pumping breast milk in the boss's locked office at work to give the babysitter, kissing all the little boo-boos better - but it is worth every effort. Patrick is now a 9 year old third grader who is all boy and very lovable.

Life is ... HECTIC! Oh, no--now there are two! Hydee was born two and a half years after Patrick. She was born on Easter Sunday and is my own personal treasure. Everyone at our house is always happy when Hydee is around. She is now a 7 year old first grader who pretends she is the teacher and who wants to be a doctor that gives dance lessons when she grows up.

Life is ... EMPLOYMENT! Rick is a banker of 10 years. He is currently working at Zions First National Bank, where he has been for the past 3+ years. At this writing, I am working as a secretary to two of the General Authorities of the LDS Church. Just a temporary assignment that comes and goes with their needs.

Life is ... PLAY! Although work keeps me busy off and on, most often you will find me at home in Kaysville or on the tennis court. I've been lucky in winning a couple of tournaments in the past year. I love being a mom, being a wife, yes, and even being 38. But most of all I love being able to tell people that- "I WENT TO OREM HIGH SCHOOL WITH SOME PRETTY TERRIFIC PEOPLE!" Many thanks to all who have made this fun reunion possible.

Teryl Roper
Teryl Roper graduated from BYU (B.S. 1981, M.S. 1983) and went to Washington State University for a Ph.D. (1987 in Horticulture). He is now Associate Professor of Horticulture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has responsibility for Extension education for commercial fruit growers in Wisconsin, including some 200 cranberry growers who farm about 14,000 acres and produce almost 40% of the nations cranberries. In addition, he conducts research on photosynthesis and carbon movement in fruit crops. He married Tammy Wagstaff in 1980 and they are the parents of 6 children, with the last three arriving on the same day. He is presently serving in the Bishopric of the Madison First Ward.
Shauna (Salmon) Healey
Byron and I live in Am. Fork, UT, and have for the past 16 years. However, we moved 2 years ago to a new home that Byron built (boy is he glad it's done!). We sure enjoy it and he did a great job. We are the parents of five girls: Amber 15, Amy 14, Jessica 13, Monica 10, and Brianne 7. They keep us very busy, but are so much fun! Byron heads the accoustic ceiling division at Daw Inc. in SLC. He was just recently released from the Bishopric in our ward. I work 2 days a week at my dad's pharmacy doing bookeeping and spend the rest of my time trying to keep this household under control.
Alan M. Sawaya
Well, where to start, I think it's appropriate to think back to graduation night and reflect on the night's festivities. Having a last name that begins in "S" I remember being in the back of the pack during the ceremony. It was a long night, but I remembered all of us on that row having food stored under our gowns just to pass the time. Some were planning to be at graduation a lot longer than most, I remembered buckets of KFC being passed.

It was planned prior to that night, that I was leaving Utah County and striving to hit the big city Salt Lake.

College was the forecast and the University of Utah was the ticket, but I didn't want to go alone. It was hard enough to move ut of the town of Orem ... Oh Ya ... and move to the big city, so I knew that Matt Davies was going to the U of U, because BYU had a restraining order against him for at least 35 years. During the first years of college Matt and I were roommates (I think this caused me to go into Law Enforcement and Matt into Psychology) So it was a Freebie and the Bean along with JJ Walker off to college (check the rear of the year book).

After the first year of college, I obtained a job at the University of Utah Police Department, as a dispatcher, part time, while I attended classes. Everyone thought my destiny was to be in the clothing retail business, but after being at the police department, law enforcement was my niche.

While still attending college, at age 21, 1 became the youngest police officer hired by a state law enforcement agency (I was sworn in on my 21st birthday). Following my appointment, I was assigned as a detective to the State Narcotics Unit. I worked in narcotics for a long period of time conducting undercover operations I think I was fairly successful in this assignment because I knew the effects of mind altering illegal drugs just by watching Matt Davies in the late 701s. I knew it was my duty to stop and arrest anyone that acted like "Matt". Contrary to what anyone tells you, Davies became a Doctor of Psychology just so he could prescribe his own medication at a discount.

In the early 80's, I was hired by the Salt Lake City Police Department. Following my assignment in State Narcotics, I was assigned to the Metro Narcotics Strike Force, the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration's Strike Force and the Salt Lake City Police Department's SWAT Team, I also attended the National Intelligence Academy (who would of thought, me at an Intelligence Academy, just goes to show you I can still "bluff em"). I was also assigned to the Salt Lake City Police Motorcycle Squad and rode motorcycles for eight years. Just like being a young kid again, buying drugs and riding motorcycles and getting paid, what away to make a living. I have recently been assigned to the Salt Lake City Police Department's Detective Division, dealing with White Collar Crime.

After a long courtship, I finally got the courage to ask my wife, Mary, to spend the rest of her life with me. I figured if she could stay with me during the long courtship she must really love me, she worked a long time for the Salt Lake City Attorney's Office and had some idea what law enforcement was like.

In 2 or 7 years I have the ability to retire from Law enforcement and I think I might retire in 7 years What do I want to do after that .... Work on a not so bad golf game and leave law enforcement far behind.

Tod Schulthess
Tod and his family live in Elk Ridge, UT. He married Carlene Sorensen (Provo High class of 1975) in 1985. They have 4 children: Spencer, 8; Danielle, 7; and twin boys Geoffrey and Andrew, 4. They have lived in San Diego, Phoenix, Orange, TX, and moved back to Provo 7 years ago. Tod has been in charge of operations for Folio Corp. for the last 7 years.
Sherri (Seamons) Cowley
I am a divorced mother of four. I am currently working as a Loss Prevention Specialist with ShopKo stores. I am also going to school (slowly) to hopefully receive my degree before I am eighty-four and too old to work. My children are Janis, age 19; Justus, age 16; Maja, age 13(going on 20); and Willis, age 12.
Patty (Smith) Bates
My two favorite things,(besides my husband) are kids and teaching. It's a good thing I like them both because they seem to go together. When I'm not busy teaching, chauffeuring, consoling, counseling, etc. one of my own seven children, I'm busy with someone elses child. Besides being a full time mother, I spend the few spare hours left at Sylvan Learning Center or my home office where I diagnostically test and teach students of all ages in math, reading, writing and study skills.
Ann (Stacey) Crowley
Following high school I attended BYU and later served a mission in Florida. I returned, graduated from BYU and was finally married (Dec 1983) to Scott Crowley who had attended Provo High. Other than a brief stay in Wash. D.C., we have remained in Utah and we currently live in Sandy. We have had 6 children, 2 girls & 4 boys.
Lynda (Starley) Taylor
Lynda stays busy coordinating activities for 5 children and helping Rogan with some of his bookkeeping. She enjoys tennis lessons and shopping. See Rogan Taylor below.
Cameo (Steuer) Johnson
After graduation I attended what is now UVSC and graduated with a legal secretarial certificate and worked for several years in the valley as a legal secretary. Married Mike Johnson of Spanish Fork and have 3 children: Ann(ll), Carlee(9), and Kevin(4). I enjoy sewing, piecing quilts, and taking care of my family. I enjoy sports and have recently taken up golf. We just built a new house and I've found that I enjoy doing finish carpentry and handyman things and surprisingly I still have all 10 fingers!
Don Swain
My wife, Janette, and I live in Springville with our four children - Kimberly, age 11, Erica, age 9, Todd, age 6, and Emily age 3. 1 am serving as Scoutmaster for the second time, and am having a lot of fun with it. We also have fun camping and rafting with our family. Professionally, I have been involved for some time with a financial planning/asset management group in Orem, and am also starting a small company of my own.
Wayne G. Tanner
I own Access Title Company in Orem. I married Leslie Eddington of Provo and we are parents of five children. Leslie is a Family Nurse Practitioner at the BYU Health Center.
Liz (Tate) Tice
We have four children, Emily(14), Caleb(ll), Samantha(8), and Alex(6). Hard to believe...

After finishing my Masters in Educational Psychology (Counseling Emphasis) at BYU in 1984, 1 went to work for the University of Phoenix, Salt Lake Campus as a counselor. I left UOP full time is 1985 and became parttime adjunct faculty while I worked in psychodiagnositcs.

In 1986 we moved to Arizona when my husband was transferred by Arthur Andersen & Co. I continued to teach for UOP here in Phoenix and, though contacts I made at the university, started doing some freelance consulting and training with companies around the state.

In 1992, wanting to get back into counseling, I entered a two year training program at the Southwestern Gestalt Center. Upon my graduation in 1994, 1 started working parttime at the Clinic there. In 1993 1 made my fist trip to the Bilingual Multicultural Center. When I came back, I developed the field study course that is the reason I will miss the reunion.

Although I loved the freeeom of teaching and consulting, as the children have gotten older, it has been more and more difficult to teach so many night classes. So, last month I accepted an offer for a "normal" full time position at UOP. I am the Director of Assessment, responsible for provididing assessment services to all 30 campuses of the University. I don't teach much anymore. I have given up most of the outside training and consulting, but I did negotiate the extra time off to keep the Mexico trip. I am on the Board of Directors for the Gestalt Center, but I only see a few long standing clients.

Janet Taufer
I work in quality control at Osborn Video Duplication. Bob manages KSRR Radio. We live in Provo.
Rogan Taylor
Rogan is a physical therapist in private practice at Jamestown Square in Provo. He is an avid skier and has taken up playing the guitar and scuba diving. See Lynda (Starley) Taylor above.
Dave Thacker
We have been married for 17 years. We have 3 children - Ryan 15, Lindsay 13, and Casey 7. We've lived in Murray since 1979. Dave is the owner of a court reporting firm. Kelly works for him part time as a bookkeeper, is a consultant for Arbonne Skin Care part time and a mom full time. Our favorite hobby is traveling with and without our kids. We also love to camp, go boating and BBQ. See Kelly (Carlisle) Thacker above.
Laura (Thomas) Parker
I am married to Ken Parker and we have 8 children - 3 boys and 5 girls. I am a full-time mother and homemaker, and I teach several of my children at home.
Danae (Turner) Welch
I work as an administrative assistant at Hewlett-Packard. I obtained my CPS(Certified Professional Secretary) rating in 1991. My husband, Kevyn, and I have 5 children. We have been married for 18 1/2 years.
DaNece (Vernon) Maag
My family and myself still live right here in Orem. I have been married for 17 years and have six children, three boys and three girls. I enjoy reading, traveling, and being with my family.
Gwen (Walker) Heslington
I completed my life time dream 6 months ago when I had our 7th baby. We now have 6 girls and our last was a boy. I love being a mother and working in my church callings, currently in the Stake Y.W. Presidency. As a family, we love to play together, going to our family farm, going to the mountains, and traveling. We have lived in 5 states but are pretty settled back in Orem.
Karen (Walker) Jensen
See Michael Jensen above.
Missie (Wankier) Crawford
Left Orem High-got married-moved to Milwaukee, WI. Had 3 children-all girls-moved back to Orem-Kids grew up-now they're teenagers between the kids and the dogs, my life is not my own!! Carpool to Dance-Carpool to softball-Carpool to swimming--Am I the only mother in Orem with a drivers licence?!?
Pauline (Western) Marble
Attended BYU and Ricks College. Graduated from Ricks with an Assoc. Degree in Secretarial Training. Served an LDS Mission to the Missouri Independence Mission. Worked as a secretary for Ricks College, BYU, and The Friend Magazine. Married David K. Marble, a Civil/Geotechnical Engineer, in Aug. 1981. Have 3 boys, and 1 girl, ranging in age 12 to 5. Live in Herriman which is in the southwest end of the Salt Lake Valley and love it!
David Workman
"Twenty years now, where'd they go" - poignant words from a favorite Bob Seger song "Like A Rock" ... Hard to believe it has been that long. Orem High was the source of the best friends and life examples a person could want - then and now. I owe much to many people whom I came to know here. I now live in Kaysville with my wife Carrie, 19 mo. old daughter, Boston, and 13 year old son Dan. I am an Emergency Physician in two Salt Lake ER's which I really enjoy. I still try to play too much. I recently rode a 200-mile one day bicycle race in California and am preparing for my first Triathalon. I am trying to find time to play my cello in the Salt Lake Symphony - I miss that since college. Carrie and I are seriously considering taking an E.R. job in Pendleton, Oregon where we can raise a few horses and a few more kids. If you're headed to Portland or Seattle or Vancouver after September, and need a place to stay or want to stop and say "hi", call the St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton and find me if we're there. I'm sure we'll love to see familiar faces. Anyway, I love life and love my family and my good friends. Keep in touch.
Randy Young
4 children. Jeff 17, will be a senior at OHS next year, Jamie, will be a soph. at OHS in the fall, Trisha 11, 6th grade and T.J. 9, 4th grade. Randy is an attorney working locally and Julie is a Budget Analyst in the BYU Budget Office. We work and play hard. We enjoy snow skiing, camping, and Lake Powell with our family.
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