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Did You Know?

The University of Utah Women’s Club began in 1909 with 27 Charter Members. Watch for our centennial celebration in 2009!


Women are eligible for membership in UUWC if they or their spouses are:

  • Members of the University of Utah faculty (including those with    adjunct, clinical, research and visiting appointments), current or    retired
  • Interns or residents at the University of Utah Hospital
  • Post-doctoral researchers or teachers
  • Visiting scholars
  • Full-time staff members, current or retired.

Those who qualify for membership may join by attending the fall Membership Tea or by downloading the membership application form here at any time. Dues are currently $30 a year.

Current active members may recommend Affiliate Membership for women not associated with the University of Utah who have an interest in the mission of the University and the goals of the Club.