Women, Education, and the U

Education pays. Median earnings for male bachelor’s degree recipients were 65 percent higher than the median for high school graduates. For women, the premium was 60 percent. In 2005, there was a 10.8 percent poverty rate for high school graduates, while the rate for bachelor’s degree recipients was only 3.6 percent.

Reading the Newspaper


Our state faces challenges. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, 26 percent of graduating high school seniors in Utah did not pass the Utah Basic Skills Competency Test. These students may well struggle with the basic skills necessary to succeed in life. Only 24 percent of 2007 graduates in Utah who took the ACT met benchmarks that demonstrate they have a likelihood of earning a C or higher in four subject areas in college. This means that 76 percent of students entering college won’t be prepared to do the work in at least one important area.

UU demographics. Total enrollment at the U in the fall of 2006 was 28,619. Forty-five percent were women. (Forty-nine percent of Salt Lake City’s population is female.) Thirty-seven percent were employed full time, 37 percent were employed part time. Thirty-seven percent were married, 18 percent had more than one child. Only 27 percent were “traditional students,” i.e. between the ages of 18 and 21.

Elementary School Kids

What can you do to help? Volunteer at a local school. Encourage the children in your life to turn off the TV and read a book. Encourage young adults who dropped out before completing their degree to return to their studies. Babysit to allow parents to attend classes. Set a good example – read, be vocal in your support of education, flaunt your love of learning!